Sea Shanty Crew

We’re a jolly Sea Shanty Crew in Old (2018) Brisbane town, Australia. We get together once a month, dress up a little bit and sing some old songs of the sea.

Everyone is very welcome to come and join in with the gang and lead some tunes if you want to, just keep it nautical and friendly! No experience whatsoever is needed, we will teach the chorus lines (and they’re usually pretty simple) so if you’ve ever sung along to the radio you’re good to go.

Costumes are also optional, but it’s fun to dress up like a pirate, we’ll likely have a couple of spare hats or bandannas around 😉

We meet by the river in Southbank (map below) around 7pm on every second Friday night, near the beach. We’ll gather around 6 ish for some food beforehand at Grill’d on Grey St.

treasure map

Our Next Meeting is on the 5th of October, 2018 at 7pm. We’ll go for a while, then head to the pub for some grog & ale (or whatever you fancy) and perhaps a few more songs.

Head over to our Facebook page or our contact page for more information.

Check the Resources page for inspiration.

Feedback on any of the shanties is encouraged, we aim to include everyone, singers and passers by alike. We will modify or remove lyrics that are derogatory or offensive and we will work hard to keep songs inclusive of all people of all backgrounds. Those who do not subscribe to this philosophy may not be invited to return

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