Blow Boys Blow

A Yankee ship came down the river, Blow, boys, blow! Her masts and spars they shine like silver, Blow, my bully bowys, blow! Then blow, my bullies, all together, Blow, boys, blow! Blow, my boys, for better weather. Blow, my bully bowys, blow! How do you know she’s a Yankee liner? The Stars and Stripes […]

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A Rovin’

In Amsterdam there lived a maid, Mark well what I do say!  In Amsterdam there lived a maid, An’ she wuz mistress of her trade, We’ll go no more a-ro-o-vin’ with you fair maid.  A-rovin’, a-rovin’, Since rovin’s bin my ru-i-in, We’ll go no more a-rovin’, With you fair maid.  One night I crept from my […]

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When the Alabama’s keel was laid Roll, Alabama, roll It was laid in the yards of Jonathan Laird O roll, Alabama, roll It was laid in the yards of Jonathan Laird It was laid in the town of Birkenhead Down Mersey way she sailed then Liverpool fitted her with guns and men To the Western […]


(Shores of) Botany Bay

Traditional Farewell to your bricks and mortar, farewell to your dirty lies  Farewell to your gangers and gang planks  And to hell with your overtime  For the good ship Ragamuffin, she’s lying at the quay  For to take oul Pat with a shovel on his back  To the shores of Botany Bay  I’m on my […]

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(Harry Robertson) I’ve sailed the North Atlantic, where ice blows in the breeze. And roamed the Dutch West Indies in the calm blue sunny seas. When I think of ships and seamen, my thoughts return again To a season spent in Moreton Bay with Queensland whaling men. cho: Sing ho, you Queensland whalers, who have […]