Another voyage in the cold weather.

The crew were down in numbers but enthusiastic nonetheless, a good night was had especially with some of us learning the ways of the cups for John Kannaka (Too-rai-eh!) This time we didn’t go to the boardwalk but we’ll likely return there as soon as it warms up, keep an eye out on future events. […]


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History Alive!

We sailed again, this time an away mission to the delightful Fort Lytton National Park for the History Alive exhibition. We were generously invited along by the Queensland Maritime Museum to dress up and sing our sea songs for the public there. With 3 performances throughout the day it was a challenge that was well […]

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Second Voyage of The SV Chantilly

On Friday we sailed again! A worthy crew with at least 14 singing at various points. A great success by all accounts. Such Songs and shanties that went down particularly well were “Shiver my timbers” from the Muppets Treasure Island and “The Drunken Sailor.” Many thanks to the fine and able sea-folk who attended, especially […]

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The Voyage Begins

We had our first meetup today, with a crew of 10 by the end of the night (a couple missing in the photo below). We sang Drunken Sailor, The Black Ball Line, Westering Ho, The Derelict, Rolling Down to Old Maui among others. Much fun was had, it was a great start and enthusiasm to […]

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